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Email: kathryn[dot]haymaker[at]villanova[dot]edu

I am an Assistant Professor of Mathematics in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Villanova University. My research interests include coding theory and applications of discrete mathematics to problems in communications. I am also an MAA Project NExT fellow (2014-2015 cohort), and since 2014 I have been working with some NExT colleagues on the implementation of mastery-based testing in undergraduate math courses. We have a blog with more details here: https://mbtmath.wordpress.com/


All course materials are on Blackboard.

Spring 2019:

  • Calculus II

Fall 2018: Parental leave

Spring 2018:

  • Quantitative Thinking (at SCI Graterford)
  • Senior Seminar – Graph Theory
  • Graduate Seminar – Graph Theory

Fall 2017: Pre-tenure sabbatical

Spring 2017:

  • Modern Algebra
  • Topics in Core Mathematics (at SCI Graterford)

Fall 2016:

  • Calculus I
  • Graduate Abstract Algebra

Spring 2016:

  • Foundations of Mathematics
  • Calculus II

Fall 2015:

  • Seminar – Finite Fields and Applications
  • Calculus I

Spring 2015:

  • Calculus II
  • Business Statistics

Fall 2014:

  • Calculus I
  • Business Statistics

Math Circles

I facilitated a meeting of the Philadelphia Area Math Teachers’ Circle and wrote an article about it in the MTCircular Newsletter (the Winter/Spring 2016 issue).  The problem is about counting the number of pancake flips to rearrange a stack.

I am also the co-founder (with Beth Malmskog) of the Graterford Math Circle, a math circle for adults at the State Correctional Institute at Graterford. We started the math circle in January, 2016, and it runs every semester at Graterford (except when I am on leave or teaching a course at Graterford).


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